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Hello friends lovers "Cuando Me Enamoro" I bring you capitulo 46 of "Cuando Me Enamoro". This new capitulo will be enjoyed in the company of friends and totally free from this blog for watch your favorite soap operas. For you, capitulo 46 of "Cuando Me Enamoro". enjoy it and good day...
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Cuando me enamoro is the story of the life of Regina Gamba Soberon/Renata Monterrubio Alvarez de Linares Martinez Soberon (Lidia Ávila/Julieta Rosen/Silvia Navarro), a girl who was born in a high class family.

When she was one year old, she was abducted by her father's mistress Josefina "Fina" Monterrubio (Margarita Magaña/Rocio Banquells), who wanted to get revenge on Regina/Renata's father for not wanting to take care of the daughter he had with Fina. In an attempt to hide the kidnapping, Fina pretended to have had twins, Renata and Roberta (Jessica Coch) her actual daughter. She then moved away and eventually met Gonzalo Monterrubio (René Casados), a rich businessman whom she married.

24 years later, Regina/Renata has become an independent, intelligent young woman, holding a valued position in Gonazalo's business. She is kind-hearted, but her intelligence and independence is often mistaken for arrogance. Roberta, now a spoiled woman accustomed to getting her way, is often jealous of her supposed twin sister and does anything she can to make Regina/Renata look bad. However, Roberta is also very good at pretending to be a sweet woman, and people rarely realize her true nature.

When a handsome man named Jeronimo Linares (Juan Soler) comes in contact with the Monterrubio family, both Regina/Renata and Roberta fall in love with him. However, despite Roberta's best efforts to discredit her sister in Jeronimo's eyes, Jeronimo apparently falls in love with Regina/Renata, and they soon get married.

However, Jeronimo's real intention with Regina/Renata is revenge for his brother Rafael's death (Sebastian Zurita). Unknown to anyone in the Monterrubios' circle, Rafael had a relationship with Roberta, but was killed by Fina and made his death look like he killed himself. Jeronimo, who knew that his brother was dating one of the Monterrubio sisters but not which one, decided to get revenge by making the guilty one fall in love with him then mistreat her emotionally - which is precisely what he does with Regina/Renata once they are married and living on his ranch. Too late, he realizes that he picked the wrong sister, and at the same time, he realizes that he truly fell in love with Regina/Renata.

Eventually, the lovers reconciles and get back together, but they face many additional obstacles before they can live happily.

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