Ver La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 45

Hola amigas y amigos fanáticos de la Telenovela La Reina Del Sur Capítulo 45 esta vez te traigo el nuevo capítulo 45 de hoy Viernes de Abril del 2011 de tu Telenovela La Reina Del Sur para que lo disfrute en la comodidad de su hogar, trabajo o centro de estudios. Se pone cada ves más interesante, bueno espero te guste la Telenovela La Reina Del Sur capítulo 45 online con una calidad de imagen muy buena.

Sinopsis : Everything which is happened in our lives, do not always make us happy, and it is not always what we want. But it’s like the actor who played in a telenovela, we can not determine the story we played, because we’re just a player.

If you watch a telenovela La Reina del Sur, you also will know that Teresa Mendoza never dreamt of being the queen of anything.

But reality says another, Mendoza became a Queen of the South, most powerful woman in the dangerous world of narcotics trafficking in Europe, a world that Mendoza never imagined would be involved in it. Though initially she was just an innocent girl, ordinary girl from a small village in Mexico. But Mendoza found that the survival instinct can not be learned, it takes a hold of you. I think you also know about it.

Telenovela La Reina del Sur airs Weekdays at 9 pm on Telemundo, Channel 39 in Dallas-Fort Worth, it gets plenty of attention from telenovela lovers. Even La Reina del Sur capitulo 16 is currently waiting to be aired. This telenovela is using Spanish-language, if you want to watch in English, I think with certain programs you can watch it in English. If you are interested in watching La Reina del Sur, make sure you are in front of your television Monday to Friday over about 12 weeks During the February, March and April.

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